Our Vacation to the Beach

I recently went on a vacation to Sand Dollar Beach in Monteray, California. I went with my Aunt Sarah, my Aunt Mia, my Mom, my two brothers, my sister, and my cousins.

Day #1

On this day we went to the beach in the morning, my cousin and I went boogie boarding. Then we built a massive sand castle. Then we went inside and watched a movie. Later that night we had bonfire and roasted s’mores.

Day #2

On this day we went to the beach early and I went boogie boarding I also tried surfing for the first time, I am not very good. Then we went inside, later that night we had a retirment party for my aunt.

Day #3

On the final day we went to the beach again and we went boogie boarding a TON. Then, me and two of my cousins dug a big hole on the beach. Later that night we went to go have a bonfire, but it didn’t light for very long.

On this vacation we saw a dead whale lying on a beach it was exteremly sad and I would like to tell anyone who reads this to not kill any animals at all, thank you.

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Narcissus. Poem by Liv Dentoni.


I think about myself in an amazing way.

The thought comes to mind like a picture.

The north wind blowing like the strongest man,

making ripples in the water in front of me.

I look down into the shining ripples of the fish that jump near me.

I notice a beautiful reflection and I drop down on my knees,

to wonder, to find, to know.

And then, as I drop, the reflection becomes more clear, like a mirror, the water reflects me.

The green girl, staring,

Behind me.

She never speaks,

never utters a word,

Until the end of her story,




Written by Liv Dentoni 2015 (edited 2018)

Copyright © 2018, Liv Dentoni

This poem is about Narcissus and (Echo, who is only present in some tellings of the myth).  Narcissus is a greek man, so absorbed in himself, he saw his reflection in a lake, planted himself there for the rest of his life, entranced by the reflection. Echo is the nymph, who I reference as the ‘green girl’, who in the myth can only repeat what others say and loves him, and at one point in time, Narcissus says “I love you” (to himself), and echo repeats it until they both die, Narcissus leaving a flower, and Echo only leaving her voice.

Narcissus is the root of the word narcism, and how the narcissus flower got it’s name. In the myth, after he died, he became a flower.

Read a few versions of they myth at: https://www.ancient.eu/Narcissus/

There are many version of all greek myths, and this is how I heard it.

My workout plan

This summer I put toegether a workout plan, I have each day dedacated to a part of the body:

Monday/Friday-All around day

1.5 mile run, 30 push-ups, 30 sit-ups, 30 pull-ups, 30 squats, agility ladder, sprints, and hitting in my backyard.


1 mile run, 50 sit-ups, 30 cherry-bombs, 50 supermans, and Hitting


1 1/4 mile run, 3:00 Wall sits, 50 push-ups, 50 pull-ups, sprints, and hitting


2 mile run, agility ladder, sprints, 50 squats, 100 mt. climbers, 5:00 wall sits, and hitting.

Red Fox Survival in the Wild

By: Molly Bobick February 12, 2018


The red fox


The red fox is an amazing resourceful animal that can be found in many different habitats around the world. They can be found living in forests, deserts, grasslands, mountains, and even suburban neighborhoods. The red fox species Red foxes have amazing hunting skills, but they also have predators.  Just like all other animals, they learn how to survive in the wild.  Did you know that the fox’s reputation in fairy tales is somewhat accurate?  Red foxes are described in fairy tales as sly, and manipulative because red foxes are extremely intelligent in real life.  They can almost always escape predators, and they use their unique skill set to catch prey.  The red fox  will skillfully use their ears, their patience,  and their environment to survive in the wild.

Red fox habitat map

One of the red fox survival tools is it’s ears.  A red fox can hear low-frequency sounds shockingly well.  Low-frequency is the rate at which a vibration occurs that constitutes a wave, either in a material, or in an electromagnetic field.  When the fox  hears its prey, it uses earth’s magnetic field to pinpoint its prey’s location.  Then it “mouse jumps”, which is a delicate movement that cannot be detected by its prey. Other animals have the ability to use earth’s magnetic field to hunt too, but they can only sense the direction, or movement of an animal.  However, a red fox can sense the exact location of its prey.  This is important because once the fox attacks its prey, the red fox reveals its location to its prey, so the fox’s mouse jump has to be as accurate as possible.

Another of the red foxes survival skills is it’s patience.  Some people might not think that patience is a survival skill, but it is.  Patience is an important survival skill, because if you don’t have patience you will never catch prey.  In other words, stalking prey takes patience, you have to pounce at just the right time. As I am saying this, I am realizing that red foxes hunt like cats.  If you have ever watched a cat, ordinary, or wild, hunt, you know that they are extremely patient.  They can sit in a still position without moving for a long time.

Next, the red fox uses its environment to escape predators.  Some of the red fox’s predators are eagles, coyotes, gray wolves, mountain lions, and humans.  You may be thinking Humans? Why do humans hunt foxes? Humans don’t even eat foxes. Well, some people see red foxes as pests because they kill livestock.  People hunt foxes in an activity called a fox hunt. This game originated in England in the sixteenth century.  This hunt is led by foxhounds and people on horseback.  The goal is to track, chase and kill a red fox. However, a red fox is known for its skills in evading predators.  The fox can run at a top speed of about 10 kilometers (6 miles) per hour, definitely slower than some of its predators, but when chasing a fox, speed isn’t everything.  While some animals, even other types of foxes, such as the gray fox, would climb a tree for safety  the red fox will lead its enemies through an obstacle course.  It may be a climb over a manure pile, swim through a river, or even make a mad dash across a freeway.  That is why a fox hunt was so popular and exciting.  Now, in most places fox hunts are illegal.  Sadly, it is still legal in Northern Ireland.  Surprisingly, people hunt foxes so they can keep them as pets, like how dogs became domestic or when people tamed wolves.

Lastly, the red fox can use its environment to survive by using camouflage. For example,  a red fox can blend in with a grassland environment, so it doesn’t have to worry about being seen by the rabbit that it is stalking.  One more cool fact is, red foxes don’t all have the same reddish-orange fur.  Most do, but they can also have silver, or black fur.  Sometimes, a red fox even has a pattern on their back. These rare foxes are called cross-foxes.

One example of a cross-fox

Clearly, the red foxes have amazing survival skills.  A red fox expertly uses its ears, patience, and environment to survive in the wild.  Next time you see a red fox, think about how hard it works to survive in the wild.

NFL Blog


Browns- They stank. They need to draft a QB 1st overall you should either pick Rosen, Darnold, or Jackson. I am not 100% on who to pick for #4, I might pick Saquon Barkley.

Bengals- You guys are the ultimate underachievers, you have a decent QB in Andy Dalton, an amazing three running backs in Jeremy Hill, Giovani Bernard, and Joe Mixon, AJ Green, and a stout defense. Why can’t you win? It is Marvin Lewis, so you guys sign him to an extension.

Ravens- What disappointment in that season. That last game was back and forth, for the first half you guys returned to that funk you were in for the first half of the season. For the second half the Bengals were desperately trying to choke away the game, but you out did them and choked away the game. Congratulations.

Steelers- I will make separate blog for this.

Texans- You guys got your season ruined by the injury bug and you traded away your first round pick. You guys are loaded for the future and you guys are all set for a long time

Colts- This was a disaster of a season and you need new coach. Andrew Luck may never play another down for you, Frank Gore is old, and you guys have a terrible defense. Jacoby Brissett looks promising with a little polishing.

Titans- You guys need more defensive leaders, you guys don’t have a clear defensive star. You also need a lot more offensive weapons. Marcus Mariota had a pretty good year, so you are set for the future.

Jaguars- You guys put together one of the the most surprising seasons. You guys need help at QB, I recommend Kirk Cousins, but not Eli Manning. Blake Bortles will reach Alex Smith level, at best.

Dolphins- You guys had Jay Cutler, so that is a free pass, but you decide to trade your star running back. You guys are in a deep hole. I would trade up to pick Saquon Barkley. So you can have a better running back.

Jets- This season was much better, you were the ones who were supposed to go 0-16. You guys can trust the process and need to wait out the rest of your rebuild. The future is bright in the big apple.

Bills- Tyrod Taylor looked good this year. LeSean McCoy was good. Defense was decent, they definitely need a little depth on defense, I feel like when the evil empire in the Patriots falls, the Bills will dominate the AFC east.

Patriots- You guys need to find the next Jimmy Garoppolo. Other than that, you’re good.

Broncos- You guys are a team that needs major QB help. Trevor Siemian and Brock Osweiler are back-up quarterbacks. You guys need to go for Kirk Cousins or draft somebody, because LaMar Jackson should be available.

Raiders- You guys had high super bowl hopes this year and you guys fell flat on your face. You guys have to find a coach and Gruden is not the answer.  

Chargers- It is hard to win when you guys have 16 road games. You guys have a bright future with keenan Allen and Melvin Gordon, but you guys could use some work in that secondary.

Chiefs- What a surprise, the Chiefs disappointed their fans at arrowhead…again. They need defense, it is the reason you guys had that big fall in the middle of the season, you need more help.

Packers- Your guys weaknesses were exposed this year when you weren’t bailed out by Aaron Rodgers high end talent. Pick some defensive star in the draft.

Bears- Defense is great. Wonderful running back tandem. And Mitch Trubisky showed flashes, with a bit of grooming he could be a pro bowl QB. You guys just need some more wide receivers.

Lions- Words to describe your season: disappointment, underachieving, and mediocrity. You guys are now stuck in the pool mediocrity and you guys are going to take a while to be a super bowl contender soon.

Vikings- What a season. You guys have some QB controversy, Keenum or Bridgewater? My personal opinion is to go with Bridgewater, Teddy Bridgewater has proven to be a valid QB. Who knows if Case Keenum will return to that disgusting Rams form.

Buccaneers- I thought you guys were supposed to make the playoffs. And you returned to normal buccaneer form. Jameis Winston was Jameis Winston and you guys fell apart. Your in a tough division, good luck!

Falcons- You guys choked. You need more defense and offensive line. Get help. Stop choking. Other than that I don’t know that much about your team.

Saints- Good season. You guys had a great season. Defense is your new need. You guys will be a perennial contender until Drew Brees retires.  

Panthers- You guys need defense, and a couple more weapons on offense. You guys seem promising for the future.

Redskins- You guys are messed up for the future, Kirk Cousins is gone, Pryor was a disappointment, and your defense is not good. You guys now need to rebuild. Trust the process.

Giants- You guys, like the Texans, caught the injury bug. You guys need to trade Odell Beckham JR. He is a distraction. You can get a lot if you trade him though. I would draft more offensive line. And you need a new coaching staff.

Cowboys- Dak Prescott average. Zeke was okay. You are now back in the pool of mediocrity. It is hard to get out of there. You guys need to perform better. It will be hard to win in that powerhouse division though.

Eagles- YOU GUYS WERE AMAZING!!! Honestly you guys are set for the future.

49ers- You guys might be the brightest team in the NFL. Jimmy G. looked great. You guys are set for the future. You guys also have a top ten draft pick. Have fun in the playoffs!

Cardinals- Time for a rebuild! Need a QB. Fitzgerald isn’t resigning. Defensive core aging. Need a new coaching staff. Looks like multiple losing seasons to come for you.

Seahawks- You guys were supposed to make a deep playoff run, and you couldn’t do a thing. Your O-line was terrible, your receivers were average, and running back play was terrible. How did you guys beat the Eagles?

Steeler Blog V


Meh. That was a boring game, JuJu played amazing, but other than that it was boring. It was Landry Jones and Steven Ridely vs. the Browns. Since there is not a lot to talk about so I am going to making another blog on the state of all the 32 NFL teams.


Antonio Brown will be back. Ryan Shazier might not ever play again. Tyler Matakevich will need surgery on that shoulder at the end of the season.

Wild card round predictions

Chiefs 31 Titans 27- This will be a shootout I think that the Chiefs will win because last year the Titans won, but I feel like the Titans will lose because Marcus has regressed a lot this year.

Bills 24 Jaguars 23- I think the Jaguars are going to get cocky in this game and lay a big egg, I think that the Bills can beat the Jags if they can Ride LeSean McCoy.

Rams 45 Falcons 17- The Rams are too good to lose to the Falcons awful defense, Todd Gurley will run all over them. And that great defense of the Rams will play will against a struggling Matt Ryan and offense.

Saints 24 Panthers 13- The Panthers got creamed twice by that deadly running attack of the Saints. Cam Newton struggled against the Saints, The Saints will win.




































Steeler Blog IV


That was a game. The Steelers played a good game this is exactly what I expected to happen in this game. The defense played very well and the offense proved they can play well without AB. I think that it is okay that Harrison went to the Patriots, put yourself in his shoes, getting cut is like getting fired, it is like getting fired by your company. After getting fired, you would go and find a new job, that is exactly what Harrison did. I can’t blame him, that is exactly what I would do. About benching starters, I would do it, Bryce Petty vs. the Patriots. It isn’t going to happen, just rest your starters. How would you feel if Big Ben or Le’veon Bell got injured.


Big Ben was limited in practice and it was not injury related. And Antonio Brown did not practice because of his calf.

My Week 17 Predictions

Lions 31 Packers 17

Texans 10 Colts 16

Vikings 24 Bears 10

Patriots 33 Jets 3

Redskins 27 Giants 10

Eagles 17 Cowboys 13

Steelers 24 Browns 14

Panthers 34 Falcons 31

Chiefs 30 Broncos 9

Titans 24 Jags 17

49ers 24 Rams 21

Bills 31 Dolphins 10

Chargers 28 Raiders 21

Seahawks 26 Cardinals 6

Saints 31 Bucs 17

Bengals 27 Ravens 24