Cars 3


I think that Cars 3 is a great addition to the Cars series.  In Cars 3 a new type of car is invented.  These cars are faster and are taking over the sport.  Pretty soon Lightning McQueen is  surrounded by these new high-tech cars.  He is willing to do anything to win, but will it work?

My name is Molly and I gave this movie a 5 star review because it shows the value of hard work and perseverance.  Make sure you like, comment, follow and check out my last post!







    Wonder is an inspirational book about a 5th grader named August.  August does not look like everybody else.  His eyes were too low he could not chew properly, and he had no ears.  Resulting in many surgeries and hearing aids  He has been home schooled his whole life.  How does his life effect other people, what do people think of him, and what will happen when he goes to school?

    I really enjoyed reading the book Wonder because it gives you different perspectives of August’s life.

– Molly Bobick