Our Vacation to the Beach

I recently went on a vacation to Sand Dollar Beach in Monteray, California. I went with my Aunt Sarah, my Aunt Mia, my Mom, my two brothers, my sister, and my cousins.

Day #1

On this day we went to the beach in the morning, my cousin and I went boogie boarding. Then we built a massive sand castle. Then we went inside and watched a movie. Later that night we had bonfire and roasted s’mores.

Day #2

On this day we went to the beach early and I went boogie boarding I also tried surfing for the first time, I am not very good. Then we went inside, later that night we had a retirment party for my aunt.

Day #3

On the final day we went to the beach again and we went boogie boarding a TON. Then, me and two of my cousins dug a big hole on the beach. Later that night we went to go have a bonfire, but it didn’t light for very long.

On this vacation we saw a dead whale lying on a beach it was exteremly sad and I would like to tell anyone who reads this to not kill any animals at all, thank you.

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39 Clues: Vesper Hunt

        Seven members of the Cahill family have been kidnapped. Thirteen year-old Dan Cahill and his older sister Amy thought they were the most powerful family in the world, they thought the ultimate power at the end of the clue hunt was the end and that they could finally relax, but they thought wrong. They haven’t won yet.

        Distress call come in from around the world. Now Amy and Dan have few days to do some of the craziest ransom requests or there captured friends will be dealt with. One thing is for sure and that is the vespers aren’t playing around and if they get all the clues then the world will be next.

       I really like this book series because it is very interesting and action packed. If you read the six books of this series I guarantee you will like it. That wraps it up for today make sure to like, follow, and have a wonderful day. Hallo en doei!