Narcissus. Poem by Liv Dentoni.


I think about myself in an amazing way.

The thought comes to mind like a picture.

The north wind blowing like the strongest man,

making ripples in the water in front of me.

I look down into the shining ripples of the fish that jump near me.

I notice a beautiful reflection and I drop down on my knees,

to wonder, to find, to know.

And then, as I drop, the reflection becomes more clear, like a mirror, the water reflects me.

The green girl, staring,

Behind me.

She never speaks,

never utters a word,

Until the end of her story,




Written by Liv Dentoni 2015 (edited 2018)

Copyright © 2018, Liv Dentoni

This poem is about Narcissus and (Echo, who is only present in some tellings of the myth).  Narcissus is a greek man, so absorbed in himself, he saw his reflection in a lake, planted himself there for the rest of his life, entranced by the reflection. Echo is the nymph, who I reference as the ‘green girl’, who in the myth can only repeat what others say and loves him, and at one point in time, Narcissus says “I love you” (to himself), and echo repeats it until they both die, Narcissus leaving a flower, and Echo only leaving her voice.

Narcissus is the root of the word narcism, and how the narcissus flower got it’s name. In the myth, after he died, he became a flower.

Read a few versions of they myth at:

There are many version of all greek myths, and this is how I heard it.


Summer Reading Prompts for Kids Kindergarten-High School

I recently found a website called that has lots of reading prompts for summer. These are some of the ones I’ve tried.

Day 1:
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hires you as a consultant to determine how best to use $20 billion to save the world. What’s your plan?
If The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hired me as a consultant and gave me 20 billion dollars to improve the world in a fashion of my own choice, I would split it in half. One half would be devoted to improving the environment, and the other to improve the education in our public schools. In many places across America, there are suffering school systems. The current presidential administration is really not helping at all, so the responsibility falls on the public’s shoulders. Some of us can help, but don’t (most of the time those people’s children are in private schools, anyway, so they think that by doing that, the problem does not apply to them. but it does.), can help and do so, and then there is the most widespread category, just not being able to contribute. So, my plan is to use 10 billion dollars to improve the poorest school systems in the country, because everyone is a genius and deserves a fighting chance. There are more reasons why this would be a good idea, one of which it lowers the rate of poverty in America.
The other 10 billion dollars would be devoted to the environment, because nothing can live without that. It would be put towards new foundations, protection for wildlife, and new jobs for rangers and scouts. We could also put some aside for the enjoyment of humanity, like camping grounds, hiking trails, etc.
Day 2
You can save one object before your house burns down. What is it? What makes that object important to you?
If my house was burning down and I could save one thing, it would be my house. I would save my house because that would be like one neat package of all things that I find valuable. Another reason why I would save my house is because of all the memories I’ve made there, which are far more important than any material thing. Also, I hope that my house won’t catch on fire!