Summer Reading Prompts for Kids Kindergarten-High School

I recently found a website called that has lots of reading prompts for summer. These are some of the ones I’ve tried.

Day 1:
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hires you as a consultant to determine how best to use $20 billion to save the world. What’s your plan?
If The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hired me as a consultant and gave me 20 billion dollars to improve the world in a fashion of my own choice, I would split it in half. One half would be devoted to improving the environment, and the other to improve the education in our public schools. In many places across America, there are suffering school systems. The current presidential administration is really not helping at all, so the responsibility falls on the public’s shoulders. Some of us can help, but don’t (most of the time those people’s children are in private schools, anyway, so they think that by doing that, the problem does not apply to them. but it does.), can help and do so, and then there is the most widespread category, just not being able to contribute. So, my plan is to use 10 billion dollars to improve the poorest school systems in the country, because everyone is a genius and deserves a fighting chance. There are more reasons why this would be a good idea, one of which it lowers the rate of poverty in America.
The other 10 billion dollars would be devoted to the environment, because nothing can live without that. It would be put towards new foundations, protection for wildlife, and new jobs for rangers and scouts. We could also put some aside for the enjoyment of humanity, like camping grounds, hiking trails, etc.
Day 2
You can save one object before your house burns down. What is it? What makes that object important to you?
If my house was burning down and I could save one thing, it would be my house. I would save my house because that would be like one neat package of all things that I find valuable. Another reason why I would save my house is because of all the memories I’ve made there, which are far more important than any material thing. Also, I hope that my house won’t catch on fire!

4 thoughts on “Summer Reading Prompts for Kids Kindergarten-High School”

  1. This is a fun idea to consider…. what you would do with 20 billion? I think the Gates family would love this because your ideas are inline with their foundation. My absolute favorite thing you wrote, “everyone is a genius and deserves a fighting chance”. I couldn’t agree more!


  2. I loved what you said about everybody having value, I agree.

    I also think there is a great need for research around means of renewable energy and ways to make our current energy suckers (fridg, dryers, AC) much more efficient.

    And umm… you’d save your house… I think they mention the point was to understand what you value; I’d love to hear more about what you value.

    I was in this position once, I could take what I could fit in my car. Oddly the gravity of the situation made me realize that my stuff didn’t mean that much, I took some photos and prom dresses, that latter simply because I felt like I had to take advantage of the opportunity but as I was caring them to my car it felt ridiculous.


  3. B.T.W. when I said I would save my house, I meat that the structure was the most important. all the memories I’ve made are far more valuable than any material (well…maybe some things), and in my opinion that is more important.


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